iOS Interview Questions

  • Data structure rounds
  1. Find an element in rotated sorted array
  2. Find occurrence of element in an array E.g[1,2,3,4,4,4,4,5,5,5,6,6]
  3. Kadane algorithm
  4. 0/1 knapsack problem
  5. Largest common subsequence
  6. Given an string “I love programming". You need to print “ i evol gnimmargorp"
  7. Implement stack using Queue Vice versa.
  8. Find two nodes are Sibiling are not in binary search tree.
  9. Find equlibrium point in array (equlibrium point is a place from where sum of all element in left is equal to sum of all element in right) e.g [-2,-3,2,10,4,-3,-7,–2,11] here symmetry point is at 4(index 4).
  10. Rod cutting problem.
  11. Find if any perumation of given string is palindrome.
  12. Write a code for binary search.
  13. Write any sorting alorithum question.




iOS developer !!!

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iOS developer !!!

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